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Ceramic Tile Flooring

There are many choices of flooring for your home. One of the most diverse and widely used is ceramic tile. Aya Carpet can offer many choices from a simple backsplash to a complete bathroom or kitchen renovation. Our distributors keep us supplied with the newest sample boards so our customers can be assured that they have the most up to date choices for their renovation or new home build. Floor tile can come in many sizes, textures, and colors with many desireable qualities that can leave our customers with a floor that is stain resistant, hypoallergenic, and easy to clean providing minimum of maintence for ease of living. Floor tile is rated for hardness , Porcelain Enamel Institute (PEI-3 to 5) for floors. A tile with a rating of 3 will be suitable for general purpose or residential install whereas a commercial and institutional tile would require a PEI -5 to withstand the heavier traffic and demands for a commercial setting. A walk through our showroom at Aya Carpet will offer many choices for your consideration.